Changing Seasons

As the new year approaches, I find myself thinking over the past twelve months and the changes the seasons have brought. We began 2009 with my oldest son serving in the military just south of Baghdad. An icestorm made us appreciate a warm home and electricity, when so many of our neighbors to the south went weeks without it.

The spring brought unexpected health problems to me. I am on medical leave and it is hard to sit at home everyday, waiting for answers. At the same time, we were excited that our youngest was preparing to graduate from high school. He received a scholarship to a local private college and was excited to begin in the fall.

As summer arrived, it brought sadness into our lives. My stepfather, who had been ill, died. My youngest son experienced the death of two classmates, who had also recently graduated.  I am still on medical leave and go monthly to IU Medical Center in Indy, searching for answers. Mid summer, our spirits were lifted with visitors from England…a niece and two nephews. How delightful to see our town through their eyes! The end of the summer was joyful, as our oldest son finished his tour of duty and returned to the states.

As fall began, so did college and we watched our youngest begin a new journey with his college classes.  I love to hear him discuss calculus with his dad. I live for moments when he walks upstairs and hands me his writings to proof read. I am still on medical leave, but have had some improvement. A visit from our oldest son and his wife lifted our spirits. Just being able to go to sleep at night, knowing our son was safe and even under our roof once again was a true blessing. Another traveler, my sister-in-law from England, made us appreciate our family and how lucky we are to have so many close enough to visit whenever we want. The birth of my great niece was a blessing as I was able to be in the delivery room and spend the first 48 hours with mom and baby.

Winter has settled in and changes in my husband’s job have rocked our boat. We have gone from two full time incomes to one part time. It has become apparent that I will not be returning to my job. That is a hard pill to swallow. My son and his wife are home for Christmas and for now, we are together under one roof. We enjoy each others company as we play board games and watch movies together.

Good times and tough ones…the seasons have changed and so has our family. But I find comfort in the fact that God has not changed…I felt his presence throughout the year…during the hard times, the scary times, the sad and joyful times.  In every situation, God was there, providing comfort, direction and stability. We are so blessed. I need not fear the next season and the changes it will bring. I know that God already knows what is to come…and that brings me peace.

5 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be returning to work. Since you are still able to write, and you do a great job btw, have you thought of writing for They have been advertising for local writers, and you can choose your subject matter. It’s is legit…I checked it out. I can’t write about one subject…brain won’t stay put long enough. LOL

    It has been a VERY tough year for so many. Please keep Sam in your prayers along with my mom. I learned Sunday that Sam has dropped out of college. Just breaks my heart to think about what she’s lost and missed out on this past year.

    Oh, and in case I left this out, your blogging is great. I can’t do that because I tend to put too much private stuff into my writing. 🙂


  2. Sonia,
    You are an inspiration for many of us. Don’t ever think that your situation and your strong faith in the midst of it, go unnoticed! Even in your struggles God is using your story to reveal His Greatness!
    I love you so much!

    Because He Lives,



  3. Love you all so much. xx


  4. Sonia, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. You have such a wonderful way with words and just those words bring peace and so many other emotions to those reading it. It is truly a gift! Keep blogging and I’ll keep reading. Love ya. Tell Jim and Craig hello for me.


  5. Dear Sonia,
    What an inspiritation you are. I have loved you since we were prayer partners so many years ago. I think of you as mjy daughter, sister, friend, and Mother. You are so wise and have a great gift of writing the words we all need to hear.


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