Look what I can do…

God is so good. I know he gave me a cat like Bucky knowing that he would keep me entertained. R. Buckminister Fuller, his full given name, is a comedian at heart. He races from room to room, calling to me when he gets out of my sight, kinda like a cat/human game of Marco Polo. When I go to the room he is calling from, he loves to race at me, front paws raised into the air, stretched as tall as he possibly can, and “attack” me. If I just answer him, he continues to cry out to me until I see what he is up to. He loves to get on top of Jim’s gun cabinet, a good seven feet off the ground, call to me, and then flatten himself out, so I don’t see him right away. When I do see him, I stand as close to the front of it as I can, peering upward, until he springs towards the edge, dipping a paw down to catch me on the nose and darts back again. We call this his “King of the hill” game. Bucky also likes to race into a room where we are sitting, do a jump with a half twist and dash off again. This is his “look what I can do” game.

If you recognize the phrase, “Look what I can do”, then you know who Stuart is. Stuart and Doreen are a skit on Mad TV. Doreen is a single mom and Stuart is her six-year-old son (Stuart is portrayed by an adult.) He is extremely hyper and is constantly avoiding his mother’s wishes by saying, “Look what I can do.” He then flails about with his arms and legs. Anytime Doreen tells Stuart to anything, this is Stuart’s response.

It’s funny to watch Stuart respond this way…of course, it wouldn’t be nearly as amusing if it were one of my boys acting like that. But in a way, I think God can relate to the whole “Doreen/Stuart” skit.

How many times has God told me to do something for him and I have responded in the same way. Sonia, I want you to serve the poor. Hey God, look what I can do, I can pray for them and never have to get my hands “dirty”. Sonia, I want you to care for widows and orphans. Hey God, look what I can do…I can give money and let someone else worry about them. 

How refreshing it was, when the boys were growing up, to have them get up and do as I asked, without complaint or comment. I wonder how God would feel if every time he spoke to me, I would immediately do as he asked. If, instead of complaining, worrying about myself and how it would affect my situation, I would go forth and serve as he directed.

How better to return the love that God has given us, than through our obedience?

And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands.
-2 John 1:6

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