Top Ten List…

Our challenge for Lent is to make a “Top Ten” list. Not a funny list like David Letterman reads nightly, but a list of those we are committed to pray for. Those we will bring before God daily, asking him to move in their lives.

Some of the names on my list are very close to me. Family and friends that I see often and I see the needs in their lives. Others are people I don’t know personally, but their needs have been made known to me. Others don’t even have names…they are groups of people who, although are individuals, move as one unit, one force against God and his teachings.

Today my prayer was for God to forgive my shortcomings. The times that he has created opportunity and I have walked the other way. I prayed that he would forgive me for withholding love and compassion. I asked that he show me new opportunities, that I may better serve him.

One of the scriptures used today is Romans 5:5…funny, I think this one was for me! “and hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”

I love that, when I am in prayer for others, God blesses me so richly. That once I take my focus off myself and return it to him, that he touches the very part of me that is aching.

Lord, today and everyday, may I first seek you and your kingdom, knowing that all else will fall into its proper place if I do so with a sincere heart. Please bless my readers and their needs today…Amen.

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