The Hiding Place (Cont.)…

Doubt I sure the word doubt needs no definition. It’s something we all experience, some of us daily. In a world where those in leadership lie, cheat,  steal, and abuse, doubt runs rampant. Where men kill men, parents kill children, children kill parents, and children kill children, doubt seems to be the only constant.

Throughout the bible, men and women, doubted. Moses, when called to lead a people to freedom, doubted. Peter, after stepping out of the boat and walking on water, doubted. Thomas, after Christ had risen and appeared to the other disciples, doubted. Doubt eases its way in, slowly and deadly. It gives us a way out of situations we don’t understand. Why didn’t I get that promotion I deserved? Why couldn’t she have stayed and tried to work it out? Why did he have to die; he was so young? Why, why, why?

I had doubts, when Jim and I were first married, that Jim truly loved me and that he would stay and not leave. This was no reflection on Jim; rather things in my past that crept into every situation that we faced. When I looked at him, I saw every man that had let me down; every man that had hurt me. I expected no less from Jim.

Jesus has a way of reassuring the doubters. He has a way of calming their need to be in control, in an other wise out of control world. When John the Baptist, sitting in prison and facing death, sent word and asked Jesus, ‘Are you the one or should we expect someone else?’, Jesus didn’t shake his head in disgust. He wasn’t angry or disappointed. He realized John’s human need to be affirmed. To know that all he had done, was not in vain. Jesus sent word to John, telling him, “The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear the dead are raised and the good news is preached to the poor.”

Jesus took away John’s doubt. Jesus filled him with the one thing that would give him peace…the truth. At the time we were married, Jim and I did not attend church. I did not have a relationship with Christ, therefore, I did not know how to have a healthy relationship with my husband. Once Jim and I became involved with a church and began to study God’s word, together, we not only grew closer to God, we grew closer to each other.

Through my relationship with Christ, I realized the truth…I had pinned my hopes, my security, my sense of self-worth on the men in life. I listened to the lies and believed them to be the truth. I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough…I was less because I was a woman. The voices, once heard by my ears, were deep in me, speaking to me and causing me to doubt myself, my self-worth.

But the closer I drew to Christ, the more His voice and His words drowned out the lies. I was able to see myself as Christ did…a child of God…created in God’s image…someone worth the price that Christ paid so willingly, because he loved me.

So if you are facing doubts about who you are or why you are here, why not ask the one who created you? Why not listen to his voice, to the truth? Because the truth is, you are a child of God. You are His creation and He loves you.

Since the Truth is in our hearts forever, God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son will bless us with great mercy and much peace, and with truth and love.    -2 John 1:2-3

\”The Voice of Truth\” by Casting Crowns

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