Iron sharpens iron…

My favorite radio station is the Christian station, KLOVE, which is 95.3 in Evansville. I have listened to KLOVE for years, ever since I was a secretary at Blue Grass UMC. At the time, I could only find them online. How blessed we are in the Tri-State to have two Christian radio stations!
Next week is KLOVE’s annual pledge drive. On Facebook, they asked listeners to share the story of how God had used their station to reach others. So, I thought I would share mine.
Last April, while at work, I experienced a severe pain in my head. It was worse than any pain I’d ever felt before. The next few months were filled with visits to the ER, doctors, neurologists and having dozens of tests run. On top of the pain, I had nausea whenever I sat up and had blurred vision.
My two greatest passions are reading and quilting…neither of which I could do. I couldn’t even read my Bible. I had listened to KLOVE for years but never for long periods of time, but usually it was in the car, when I was running errands. But I quickly discovered that listening to you was one of the few things I could do while laying in bed. What a joy is was to find you again!
Newsboys had a new song out…In The Hands of God…that you played several times a day. It wasn’t long until that became my theme song. In His hands I would fall each day, giving over to him my pain and illness. Then I would stand in His hands, in the knowledge that He knew what was eluding the specialists and I found comfort and peace there.
During the summer, my step-father died after a short illness and I was able, because I was on medical leave, to spend days at a time with my mother. Also, shortly after his high school graduation, my son had two friends that were killed as they drove home from a church event. I was able to be with him and many of his friends during the days that followed.
God showed me that no matter what my circumstances, He has plans for me, to use me to reach others. And so, with the anniversary of the onset of my illness just days away, having lost my job and still trying to find answers and a cure, I am still standing tall in His mighty hands because He delivers me each and every moment of every day. And I love to sing this song, especially the part that says, “You’re amazing…you’re amazing you are. You’re amazing…you’re amazing you are…And we praise you, Lord for what your hands have done. You’re amazing…you’re amazing you are.”
Thank you for your ministry, for the artists who are God-inspired to write and perform such wonderful songs, and to all the listeners who support your station.
Sonia Keepes
Evansville Indiana
All of us have people or things in our life that God uses to speak to us. I invited you to share some of yours with me and my subscribers. Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”. Let us keep each other ready for God to use us when an opportunity arises.

1 thought on “Iron sharpens iron…

  1. I love K Love also. If there is anything I can do for you just call …me and Ollie and run right down to your house in a flash. God is good and faithful!


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