Longing for home…

A few years ago, I sitting in Sunday school class and made the following statement: “Somedays, I just long to be in heaven.” (One of the older ladies thought I was suicidal.) Nothing could be further from the truth. But, I did mean just what I said…I longed to be where I was intended to be…in the presence of God.

Today was an awesome day. Jim and I spent it with his parents and had a good (but short) visit with a friend this evening. But even as I sat outside my inlaws house this afternoon, watching Jim till up the garden, I couldn’t help but think about heaven. Maybe it was because I was so happy. The sun was shining, birds were flying to and from the feeders that Jim’s dad fills daily, flowers were in bloom everywhere you looked, a neighbor’s dog was running through the field next to the garden…it was so peaceful.

I think about heaven on good days as well as bad days. On bad days, I just long to sit at the feet of Jesus, lay my head on his lap and feel his gentle touch. There are times when I can’t sleep, when the pain gets too much for me, that I will sit on the floor in my livingroom, lay my head on the couch and close my eyes, knowing that Christ is there with me. To me, it is an image that calms me…it brings me peace and comfort.

Is that so strange…to long for the life God intended us to have with him? The life that we one day will share with him? I think as much as I long for it, God longs for it more. God walked with Adam in the cool of the evening…he created Adam and just as we as parents long to spend time with our children, God longs to spend time with us. And until that day that we will stand in his presence, we have to make time in our busy lives to be aware, that he is with us every moment…just waiting for us to acknowledge him.

You will call and I will answer you…you will long for the creature your hands have made.  -Job 14:15

A few years ago, when Derek was home on leave, he sang this song at church. Take time to listen for God calling you to him…and when he does, answer him. He longs to spend time with you…his creation, his child.

Unashamed Love (Worthy)

1 thought on “Longing for home…

  1. Nope. I have the same thoughts. That is where we long to be and the longing grows as we get closer to Him. You read my mind. Thanks



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