In this moment…

I’m once again, sitting at the White Oak Inn. This time, I’m not watching Jim drive away, but I am waiting for Jim to arrive. After 19 days in the hospital, I am ready to go home. In this moment…this place in time…I am pain free. How long it will last, I cannot say. I’m sure it is not the point of all of this. But, in this moment…no pain.

Thank you God…for each moment…the ones filled with pain that keep me close to you, searching for your comfort and care. Ones filled with joy that I share with you with happiness. Ones willed with wonder I share with you with awe. Ones, like this one, that leave me knowing, simply, that you are God.

Here in this moment, like every other moment, I surrender to your love…

I Surrender by Mercy Me

1 thought on “In this moment…

  1. Am thankful you are home and painfree. Call when you can walk with me and Ollie!


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