A hug from a child…

One of the things I missed while I was in Michigan was my “adopted” niece, Maddie.  She would come see me while mommy and daddy ran errands, when I felt up to it, and I hadn’t seen her in over a month.

Maddie is nine months old. Things change at a fast pace at that age. A child can go from rolling over to standing in a matter of weeks. I was anxious and excited to see her. The excited part you can understand. But the anxious?

Simple. What if she didn’t recognize me? What if, by being gone for a month when so many things are changing daily in her life, she simply didn’t know who “Aunt Sonia” was any longer.

Sunday, while at a graduation party, the moment of truth presented itself. As she came towards me, being pushed in her stroller by her daddy, I called out her name. As she got closer, I watched as her face lit up and her arms and legs went into motion, as if she were trying to get to me. When I picked her up, she snuggled right into me.

Such incredible joy! I felt like my heart was running over. Not only did she remember me…recognize me, she wanted to be with me.

It reminded me of my relationship with God. No matter how long I am away from him…a few hours, a day, a month, a year…He recognizes me that quickly. In an instant, His arms are outstretched and reaching for me. He pulls me close. I am welcomed with the same joy that Maddie and I shared.

No matter where we are…our circumstances…All are welcomed. He doesn’t need our words…He just needs you to hug him back. The rest will follow.

I am His child…and He delights in me.

You are His child…and He delights in you.

Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.  –Proverbs 30:5

Word of God Speak by Casting Crowns

1 thought on “A hug from a child…

  1. A Child has a God given talent of knowing when you need a reminder and when you need lifted in Spirit.


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