Through the fog…

The waiting is the hardest part…Tom Petty said it best.

 I feel like I am on the runway, delayed by fog, waiting for a signal from the tower to take off. Do you ever feel that way? Like you are in a holding pattern, waiting for something or someone to give you the nod, to move you forward?

As you know, I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I’ve been in a funk…my mind fuzzy. I know some of it is due to the headaches, but the rest has been my focus. Waiting. I’ve been focused on the answers that are forthcoming, but slow to appear. The waiting has held me captive, sidetracked my life. I didn’t even realize I was a prisioner. Until yesterday.

Yesterday at church I had a conversation with a woman whose husband has cancer. A woman who recently had a conversation with his doctor who told them to prepare for the end. She looked tired, worn out, but she smiled at me and said that most people didn’t have a chance to prepare for their death and that they had that chance. And they weren’t going to waste it.

Waiting. It’s been a summer of waiting. Waiting for Craig to move out (which he does on Friday)…waiting to hear about a new job for Jim, waiting to hear from doctors in Michigan for procedures that should provide a great deal of relief from my headaches. And most recently, my brother, diagnosed with lung cancer…waiting to see if the chemo and radiation have helped.

Waiting…it captured my attention and turned my focus from the one who already knows the outcome. The one who gives peace and calms the storm of uncertainty.

 I am on the runway, delayed by fog, waiting for a signal from the tower to take off. Finally, I heard a voice through the fog. A voice of authority, reminding me that even in the fog of life, he is in control. That while I am waiting, my focus needs to be on him, so that when the answers come, I am prepared.  I’m on the runway…thank goodness God is in the tower…makes the waiting bearable. Because when I focus on God, I have peace.

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.
–Psalm 29:11

2 thoughts on “Through the fog…

  1. Sonia,

    Very interesting (a God-thing) that you haven’t blogged in awhile and this morning I get this in my inbox, with thoughts on a subject God spoke to me about yesterday morning.

    I woke up with this scripture in my head:
    Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait on the LORD
    Shall renew their strength;
    They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
    They shall run and not be weary,
    They shall walk and not faint.”

    God gave me this, and I know I am to expand on it, but basically the word “WAIT.”

    W – Watch (for God’s presence EVERYWHERE)
    A – Anticipate (the good things He will bring)
    I – Invite (Him to make a move in your life)
    T – Trust (No matter what)

    I have a blog entry I’m going to write about it, but who knows when I’ll finally get around to it.

    Thanks for posting – I needed this so much. 🙂



  2. Sonia, I am a little behind in my emails but I did notice that you hadn’t blogged in a while. I do enjoy your writing very much. Which brother are you refering to?



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