Pass the Discover card please…

Silent Night, Holy Night
all is calm…

I recently read the following headline:

“13 million Americans are still paying for 2009’s Christmas.”

Wow…that number is startling! It’s hard to believe that we have moved so far off center when it comes to celebrating the birth of Christ. That the birth of the Messiah has taken the back seat to Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales. That the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, instead of giving us reason to pause and remember, causes us to endure one of the most stressful times of the year.

I remember when the boys were young. Running from this Christmas program to that Christmas party. Trying to fit in as much with as many people as possible. It seemed like we ran from December 1 to Christmas Eve, when we would all fall exhaustedly into a pew at our church, ready at last to welcome the Christ child.

Today is December 1. What are your plans for this Advent Season? Are you already stressed by the harried weeks to come? Are you worried about your financial situation because this year is tighter than last?

Why not give yourself a break this year? Cull the parties, cut your Christmas card list in half, set a budget that is within your means for presents and stick to it. My prayer for you is that you may “sleep in heavenly peace” and that that peace may spill over into your every waking moment. Enjoy this season by focusing on the one it is all about.

And if you need help remembering who that is, enjoy the following clip from Jim’s favorite Christmas show…

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