Oh little star…

This is from December, 2010…

Yesterday, we had a wonderful time putting up our Christmas tree. Craig and I bought one Friday night from a local Boy Scout troop (as is our tradition) and yesterday, we decorated it.

It’s always fun to look at old ornaments and remember. I have ornaments that the boys made in school…ones that they made in daycare. Ornaments from family and friends. Some that are very old that belonged to Jim’s grandmother. But there is one thing on our tree that is the most special to me. It’s our star.

Every year, we would decorate the tree, Jim would put the star on top of the tree. It’s not a fancy, blinking star. In fact, it is the least expensive thing on the tree. It’s made of cardboard and tin foil. Jim made it our first Christmas together. And after he made it, he told me this story.

When Mom and Dad got married, right after the end of WWII, they were flat broke. At the time, they lived in a little trailer and barely had enough money for groceries, let alone Christmas ornaments. But they cut down a tree and decorated it the best they could.

When they finished, they realized that the top of the tree was bare. So Dad got a piece of cardboard and used the foil lining from some old cigarette packs and made a star for their tree.

Helen and Norman have been married 63 years. They raised nine children and cared for Jim’s grandmother in her later years. They worked hard and learned how to stretch each dollar. And to help them remember, they never replaced that tin foil star that, to this day, sits atop their Christmas tree.

Jim and I have been married for 20 years. We’ve lived through years of plenty and some pretty lean ones as well. But every year at Christmas, when our tin foil star is placed on top of the tree, we are reminded of how richly blessed we are, in so many ways.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.       ~ Charles Dickens


3 thoughts on “Oh little star…

  1. yay!! i love that story! xxx


  2. Great post!


  3. I had never heard this story before, thank you for sharing! Hope all is well.


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