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As of late, I have been pretty much homebound. After injuring my hip in September, I’ve increased pain and mobility issues. And so, I have to say, I’m getting pretty stir crazy. It’s one thing to be at home…it’s another to not be able to do anything while you are there.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to bake. Biscotti, cookies, bread, pies…it’s something I enjoy doing. In an age where cookie dough practically fixes itself (due to the pre-formed frozen balls you can buy it in) and pies that can be “home-baked” in minutes, it’s something I do that always makes me slow down. If you want to make home-made bread, you have to be patient. You have to “baby” the yeast and “rest” the dough in just the right place. Real cookies deserve real butter…and pie shells shouldn’t be convenient.

Ahh, yes, I’m rambling…but it’s my passion (and my blog!), so please let me.

There is a point in here somewhere…oh, yeah…homebound. Down for the count. Out of the game. What does all this mean?

No cookies for Christmas. I managed one batch of biscotti a week ago, so I could send some goodies to Derek and Brittany and to my Uncle John (my facebook buddy!), thinking I would bake more for Christmas, but alas, it was not to be.

Please understand me…this is not a plea or a request for someone to bring me some homemade treats…to the contrary. The last thing I need while sitting on my caboose is…well, more caboose to sit on!

It’s not the eating of the treats I miss…it’s the making of them. And if I weren’t “stuck” at home, I probably wouldn’t miss it so much.

I was pondering my predicament the other day when my sweet sister Marta called. Could she and the family (well, most of them) come by to see me? Of course they could!!

Marta, Dave, Kristin and Hillary stopped by a short time later. I have to say, I love this family. Having no daughters of our own, Jim and I always got a kick out of listening to the girls interact. One time, they interacted on our living room floor…aka: chick fight! It was short but we got a good chuckle out of it!

While here, Marta began to tell me about Pastor Doug’s sermon from the previous week. Ah yes, I’d listened to it, but I let her go on. I soon realized that one of us was mistaken…either that or I hadn’t paid attention to it when I listened online. (I found out later I had listened to a previous sermon, not the one she was sharing.)

Marta shared with me that Pastor Doug talked about a passage from the book of John. 

…and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…~~ John 1:14

She said he talked about how Jesus came, in the flesh, to live with the people. Think about that. In a world of technology, how easy it is to get by with a card or letter (though those are rapidly becoming obsolete), a phone call, tweet or a text. But to be “in the flesh” with someone…therein lies the warmth…the compassion…the one on one interaction we all need.

Please understand me…those other means of communication all serve vital roles…but there is something about being “in the flesh.”

By sharing that message, while sitting in my livingroom, Marta helped abate that feeling of isolation and loneliness that I don’t like to acknowledge exists. To share God’s word with someone, “in the flesh”, is to bring God himself along when you come to call. What greater gift can there be? 

Thank you Marta, for being God’s messenger into my darkness. There will be other times to bake cookies…for now, I will bask in the glow of the message that was shared with me…and listen for the Word in the flesh to speak. 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Word of God Speak by Mercy Me

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