Soft kitty, warm kitty…

I put the following statement on my Facebook status today:

I have a sick headache…and a sick headache is a type of sickness…so can someone please sing me “Soft Kitty”?

So far, just a few people have understood the reference. To get the full effect, you have to be a fan of “The Big Bang Theory.” I will give you a brief synopsis to get you caught up, if you are not a fan.

The sitcom is centered around four scientist and an attractive blonde waitress/aspiring actress that lives across the hall from two of them. When not at work at Caltech, the guys spend much of their time collecting comic books, going to Star Trek conventions and playing video games, such as Halo.

While all the men are geeky and socially awkward, Sheldon has an almost robotic characteristic.  Sheldon exhibits a strict adherence to routine; a lack of understanding of irony, sarcasm, and humor; he is also uninterested in many of the romantic hijinks between Leonard, Howard, and Raj. Sheldon’s mother, Mary, is an extremely conservative, right-wing Christian whose religious views often clash with Sheldon’s scientific ones.

But as the series progresses, we start to see “evidence” of Sheldon’s humanity, especially on an episode where he is ill and asks Penny to sing “Soft Kitty” to him.

Soft Kitty

The second time Sheldon asks Penny to sing “Soft Kitty” to him, he is displaced from his apartment for a night and staying with Penny. He asks her to sing the song and she tells him that the song is, as Sheldon told her once, “only for when you’re sick.” Sheldon tells her that homesick is a type of sick.

Soft Kitty again

Later in the series, Penny falls in the shower and is injured and Sheldon has to take care of her. Of course, her request is for the Soft Kitty song. Sheldon tells her that Soft Kitty is for when she is sick and she is not sick…Penny’s response is “injured and drugged is a kind of sick.”

Soft Kitty for Penny

I was thinking about the things I like to have when I am sick. I have a favorite blanket, one that my sister-in-law made for Derek (I suppose he’ll want it back one day!)

I like my fuzzy, striped socks and my flannel jammie pants. An over sized t-shirt and one of Jim’s sweatshirts.

When I feel really bad, I don’t like the tv on, but soft music is okay. No lights…the darker the better. An extra pillow is always comforting. Oh, and Bucky to lay at my feet and keep them extra warm.

When I’m sick, I don’t like anyone to talk to me…but I like knowing someone is nearby. If I read when I’m sick, it’s usually something pretty shallow; otherwise I have to re-read it and that gets annoying.

I like a certain hot tea when I am sick and rarely drink it unless I’m not feeling well. It’s instant tea and doesn’t upset my stomach like brewed tea does when I don’t feel good.

I like the temperature to be cooler…I can pile on more covers, but I like breathing the cool air.

Working on the computer makes my headache worse, so I’m going to stop typing for now. Time to get my cup of tea, find Bucky and lay down for a while.

And I think I would like to have someone sing me the Soft Kitty song…

2 thoughts on “Soft kitty, warm kitty…

  1. I love the big bang theory!! 🙂


  2. I knew what song you were talking about! I never miss the show! I would be glad to sing it to you, however you would probally ask me to stop. 🙂


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