What’s so super about the Super Bowl?

January 31, 1988 – San Diego, California – Super Bowl XXII – Washington Redskins vs. Denver Broncos.

My stepfather, Robert Van Buren, (at the time, he and my mother were just dating), hosted a Super Bowl party each year. He would invite family, friends and co-workers to his apartment to watch the game and visit. Usually there was more visiting than watching the game.

It was my first gathering of such since I had a new man in my life…my son, Derek, who had been born three months prior. I remember being nervous about taking a three month old to a party, but my mom assured me that everyone would love to see him and so I went. (This was more of a social gathering than a party).

When I got there, I made the rounds, speaking briefly to everyone and then I settled down with Derek in front of the tv. After all, I had come over to watch the game, right?

About that time, a good looking guy came in and sat down as well. He said hi and probably made some small talk. But for the most part, we watched the game. We were the only two that did. Oh, other people drifted in and out, to check the score or to come see what was happening when our voices indicated the game was getting exciting. But for most of the game, it was just us and Derek.

He worked for Bob, so it was easy to find things to chat about. We didn’t talk much, but it made an awkward situation much more comfortable. It was nice…I didn’t feel so left out of the crowd.

It was a good game…the Redskins beat the Broncos 42-10.

January 22, 1989 – Miami, Florida – Super Bowl XXIII – Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers.

Same Super Bowl party…same crowd…same scenerio…one year later. I parked myself in front of the tv with Derek and soon, that same good looking guy from last year shows up and sits down. This year, as we watch the game, we talk. Not just the small talk like the year before. But I can’t remember the exact conversations, but I’m sure it had to do with our favorite bands, movies, tv shows…and our beloved Cardinals (good thing we were both fans of the same baseball team – this was very important!)

The 49ers beat the Bengals 20-16 (in one of the best Super Bowl games ever!)…and that good looking guy asked me out on a date. And since then, we have watched every Super Bowl game together.

Happy Anniversay, Jim…I love you so much!

6 thoughts on “What’s so super about the Super Bowl?

  1. Do you listen to K love radio….that would be a great story for Matthew West…he is writing a song for the best love story meeting…I think that would be a great story for the contesT!
    Have a fun super bowl Sunday…Ollie and I will be watching the comercials!


  2. I never knew the story of you two meeting! That is great! The Super Bowl is super to you! That is awesome – Love ya both.


  3. SWEET! I love all your blogs, but found this one SUPER! I am so thankful for those two Super Bowl parties, as you have made my grade school best friend so happy for so many years!!! And I also gained a friend because of Super Bowl parties!


  4. I declare I had never heard this story before! I love it! And belated anniversary wishes! 🙂 xo


    1. not belated…it’s tomorrow…lol…xo


  5. I hadn’t heard that story before, and i love it!! Good ole uncle Jim 🙂 xxx


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