From whom all blessings flow…

I had in mind a couple of weeks ago to write about the wonderful blessings that surrounded my hip surgery. This was put on the back burner due to my brother’s death…but as it is still on my heart, I wanted to post it now.

It’s 2 a.m. I’m sitting in the living room at my in-laws’ house in Mt. Carmel. Well, I guess I could say, I’m sitting in my livingroom at my home in Mt. Carmel. I mean, except for a skeleton house hold in Evansville, we are all but moved in. There are two parts to the house; the original homestead (our house) and the part that was built on (my in-laws’ house) and they are joined by a shared kitchen. Each has its own bedroom, full bath, livingroom, etc.

I’m here for two weeks, recouping from my recent hip surgery. It’s been two days and so far, not too bad. My mother-in-law has been taking good care of me and my father-in-law comes in often to check on me. He’s keeping me up-to-date on what will grow in our garden this summer, when it will be planted and how it’s grown in previous years. If you can’t tell, gardening is his passion.

A couple of weeks before my surgery, my dad and stepmom took me to my appointment to meet with the surgeon and took care of me while I stayed with them. It worked out well that Craig, who was visiting his girlfriend in Lowell, Indiana, could swing through Indianapolis and pick me up to bring me home. We also stayed with them the night before the surgery. (Thanks Daddy and Diann!)

About a week prior to my surgery, a friend of mine, Marta, called to double-check the date and time of my surgery. “I’m coming to sit with Jim in the waiting room” she told me. Really? Drive all the way to Indy to sit with Jim? What a dear person she is!

My surgery was outpatient. Arthroscopic surgery to repair a tear. Thirty minutes is what they estimated the surgery time would take. Pretty minor stuff. And yet, it is still surgery.

What a sense of relief! Knowing that if something were to happen, Jim would not be in the waiting room by himself.

The morning of the surgery, after they had me prepped and ready to go, a minister knocked on the door, stuck his head in and asked if he could pray with us before my surgery. I was shocked. I mean, I’ve had outpatient surgery before. I’ve never had a minister (other than my own) offer to pray with me. And seeing that we were three hours from home and not expecting it, it was a wonderful surprise.

Before I left for surgery, Marta and her daughter, Jamie, arrived. More kisses and hugs. The Edmondsons are like a second family to us…what a treasure!

There, I thought, now I can relax and enjoy the “nap” I was getting ready to have.

The surgery went well…Jim and I traveled to Mt. Carmel as soon as they released me.

So many blessings…so many dear people who made having surgery so easy. God has certainly blessed us with an amazing family and friends. Thank you all for your love and support. Thank you for all the prayers, cards, well wishes.

I am healing well and having more trouble reminding myself not to overdo it. Thank you again for all you well wishes. I am indeed blessed.

The gift of friends is not a big thing…it’s a million little things…it’s everything.

1 thought on “From whom all blessings flow…

  1. so glad that it went so well, hope i get to visit soon xxxx


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