At Last…

I woke up early this morning and decided to work on one of several books that I am writing. When I opened my stick drive, I saw the title of this poem that I wrote shortly after we moved into our present home. I hope you enjoy it.

At Last

I see glowing red faces in the eastern sky and hear the roar of a monster.
It is morning and daybreak is alive.
Birds beckon each other, telling their secrets, as the day breaks slowly around them.
My world is busy and will not wait for me.

Where are you?

I see the children as they chase each other in a field. The season’s last butterflies are just beyond their reach as they struggle to catch them.
The world rushing by around me as I try to keep up.
I see the face of an old man, worn by life, yet he has a smile just for me.

Are you here? Can you see me?

A baby’s cry breaks the air as his mother reaches to comfort him.
Horns honk and angry voices join in.
Noise all around me, yet it doesn’t reach me.
For it’s you I long to hear speak.

Are you here? Can you hear me?

All through the day, I wait for you. I look for you in trees with their gentle swaying, their colorful leaves swirly down towards me.
I feel the coolness of the brook as it runs through my fingers and struggles to reach my soul.
I turn my face towards the autumn sun as it sinks slowly toward the earth and am rewarded by its warmth, a warmth that goes deep within me.

Are you here? Can you feel me?

I look again and the glowing red faces have softened into a gentle pink in the western sky.
The roaring monster has carried its passengers to destinations unknown.
The birds are quiet, as if they too await a reply.
I waited for you today and I was not disappointed.
You have been with me all the while.

You were the coolness of the brook, the warmth in the sun.
You were the flight of a butterfly and the smile of an old man.
You were there in the noise of my busy day, waiting to have your turn to speak.

Now I am quiet, and I find you here.
You speak to my soul and in my silence, I hear you.
My heart leaps at your voice and I am at peace at last.

1 thought on “At Last…

  1. can’t wait to read one of your books!!!!


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