Wondering while I’m wandering…

I’ve been so busy, getting settled in, that I’ve neglected my writing. Jim has asked me about it, as have a few of you. Thank you for the gentle reminders that guide me back on track when I wander astray. Oh, and I’ve missed you too!

The other day, our new neighbor (well, we are the new ones, but you get my point) came down to visit Norman (Jim’s dad). A half an hour later, he was back, on his riding mower and spend the next hour mowing our yard.

Seeing a need…meeting a need. No hoopla…no media coverage…no celebrity endorsement. It’s what people do…every day of every week. Millions of people, like Bill, who don’t have a hidden agenda, who simply see a need and meet it.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted, on Facebook, that I needed to go to Michigan twice this month. It’s really hard for Jim to take off work, especially when they are working a full week. What’s that old saying? Make hay while the sun shines? Well, he needs to make dough while the work is there.

I was overwhelmed by the responses I received. So many friends, generously offering their time. I am truly blessed.

I don’t often say anything negative about my ailment, but I have to tell you…I’m tired of it. Not so much the pain but the inability to go and do what I want, when I want. I know it could be worse…and I’ve very grateful that it isn’t. But to tell you the truth, what it is, is bad enough. In fact, it sucks!

I used to be so active, so involved. Now, a trip to town requires a nap in the afternoon. A storm system moving through can knock me of circulation for days. The wrong lighting…noise…smells…they are like little ticking time bombs, waiting to mess me up.

There, it’s out of my system. The point of it all is…

Now that I’ve moved to Mt. Carmel, I’m wondering what my “purpose” will be.

I know, to some degree, what it will be. But beyond my household and into the community, I wonder where I will fit in. What God has in store for me.

And…I wonder if, when a need presents itself, if my eyes will be open and my heart will be ready to follow through.

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