Over the river and through the woods…

It’s that time of year again. Pecan and pumpkin pies…baked yams with marshmallows on top…cranberry salad…homemade dressing…and of course, turkey!

Another year has passed…another holiday season approaches. This time of year makes me mindful of those family and friends that have passed on…especially those in the last year.

It also makes me look ahead. A new year is just weeks away. What will 2012 bring? Oh, I know there will be joy, sorrow, good times and bad. But the specifics is the mystery.

My prayers are simple. May you and your loved ones…love each other. Take time to simply sit and talk…that’s the best times. Presents are nice…but they get broken, or out grown or lost. Time spent together is a gift that has no measurable value. It’s something we have plenty of…if we make the time to use it.

Pull out the family albums…tell the stories you were told as a child…make the most of your time together. Ask detailed questions…the kind to which “Yes” or “No” answers are not an option. Leave work at the door…it will be back soon enough. Hold your grandchildren…kiss your parents…love your family and friends. This is what holidays are for. The greatest gift that God ever gave us, save the grace of Jesus, is our family.

Be safe…eat well…but above all…love each other!

A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.         ~John B. Priestly

3 thoughts on “Over the river and through the woods…

  1. Well said. Hope your family is happy and healthy throughout the rest of this year and next.


  2. Wish I could spend the holidays with you xxxx


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