It’s been such a long time…

Hello…is there anybody out there?? Just nod if you can hear me….is there anyone home??

Sorry, I was having a Pink Floyd moment. Well, a Boston, followed by a Pink Floyd.

But it has been a long time and I do wonder if, when I hit the post button, anyone will still be signed up to read my blog. LOL…

This will be short as it it late and my bed is calling to me. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas…I hope you got what you wanted and were able to spend time with those you love. But most of all, I hope you, where ever you are, have something more. I hope you have peace.

In the midst of the tragedies that have rocked our country…in the midst of the current job market and the “cliff” that threatens to send us over the edge…in the midst of a new year and all that it brings…my prayer for you is that you will find time, make time, demand time, for yourself and find peace.

It isn’t hard to find…but it is hard to hold onto unless you work at it. But like all things that are precious in life, peace is worth the work you put into maintaining it.

Let there be peace on earth this Christmas season and throughout the year…and let it begin with you and me.

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus …Phillipians 4:7

4 thoughts on “It’s been such a long time…

  1. I missed you and Jim yesterday. Remembered the day after a big snow you two came and shoveled for me. What good neighbors you were.
    Peace for you and Jim in 2013!


  2. I’m still reading. Glad you posted again. Miss you and wish you all the best.


  3. Still here & my step mom Karen and I were just talking about how we miss your blogs! Love you & hope your Christmas was wonderful!


    1. I was just going to say the same thing Dee Cee!!
      Were your ears ringing?!! Happy New Year! =)


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