Me and Migraines…

Well, today has been a bad migraine day, so this will be short. I want to focus on a positive and the biggest positive that God has given me to help with the headaches, is my husband…Jim.

If you know Jim, you know that he’s a hard worker, loves fishing and gardening and is extremely proud of his sons and their families. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, even those he doesn’t see often and still believes that his father is the best.

Jim is also my rock…unwaivering in his love and encouragement. The past few years have been difficult with my health, but Jim never gets frustrated or short tempered. I know it wears on him as it would anyone watching someone they love going through daily struggles. But Jim has such inner strength that those emotions never seem to get the better of him. I know that our family and friends are a great resource for that strength.

God has truly blessed me and I am remind through my daily prayers just how deep His blessings run.

Thank you Father for the blessings that are my family and friends, especially my husband Jim. What a wonderful example of your live he is. Help make me ever mindful of others in need of encouragement and prayer. Amen.

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