Knowing me, knowing you…

I’m sitting at the Nail Salon, literally watching paint dry…on my toes. Earlier this year, I had my first pedicure. I have to say, since then, my feet have never looked better!

I’m here now with my daughter in law, Karrie Anne, and Lidia, Craig and Karrie Anne’s exchange student from South Korea. As soon as Lidia and I sat in our chairs and began to soak our feet, the funniest thing happened. The lady who sat down in front of Lidia asked her a question. I looked at Lidia, waiting for her to answer the Asian woman. Lidia looked at me and asked, “What did she say?”.

I’m glad they were both gracious enough to join me in laughter. I couldn’t have been more surprised by Lidia’s question. Lidia asked where the lady was from and when she said Vietnam, we both understood her answer. But I had to repeat South Korea twice because the lady could not understand Lidia. I mean, who’d have thought a girl with an Okie-Mississippi twange would be translating for two Asian women?!

But there we were, struggling to understand each other and laughing at our struggles. Words didn’t matter; our smiles spoke volumes.

I remember the crowd of people gathered to hear the disciples speak were amazed that each understood in his own language. Language is just one barrier we experience; others are race, religion, politics, environmental and physical differences. But not to God. He created each one of us individually in his own image.

We are not cookie cutter, mindless beings…rather we, though created after God, ¬†maintain our own thoughts and ideas…our own idiosyncracies and traits. We, who are different in the world, are still bound by our Creator.

Because there is one loaf of bread, we, who are many, are one body; for we all partake of the one loaf of bread. ~~I Corinthians 10:17

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