Just the two of us…


If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.               ~~Doug Larson 

I have had the pleasure of having three great men as fishing buddies in my life so far: my Grandpa True, my husband, Jim, and my oldest son, Derek.

Today was one of those rare occasions since Derek joined the Army, moved to Colorado, got married, became a dad, etc., that I have had him all to myself. So it made sense that we’d end up at the lake.

Ever since Derek was a little, he had two favorite past times…baseball and fishing. I loved to take him and Craig to our good friends, Grant and Jean Hartman’s, and go fishing. As he grew, he went from cane pole to rod and reel to fly fishing. This passion followed him to Colorado and now he catches and cooks the most delicious trout.

Of course, just being with my boy (yes, I know he’s a man) is enough, but it was a special time being on the lake, a perfect August day, just the two of us. I marvel at the man he’s become. And I thank God for every moment we share.

I love you Bubby!

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