It’s getting better all the time…

I’m sitting under the pecan tree watching the hummingbirds play in the sprinkler, as it waters the herb garden. (Look to the left and up from the lighthouse to see one of the hummers)

Today has been a little better. Doc gave me an inhaler yesterday and when I get too winded, it rushes to help me.

I’m reminded of Craig and his struggles with asthma as a child. Many midnight runs to ER…many nights sitting in the rocking chair as he struggled to breath.

When we lived in Evansville and I worked for Legal Aid, I was plagued by constant bouts of bronchitis. I’ve had none in the four years we’ve been here. I wonder how much our “concrete playgrounds” are affecting us all.

Don’t worry…I’m not turning my blog into a political jungle…I guess I just wonder what things were like before. I wonder what the world would be like disease free. If every man, woman and child had clean water and food enough like I do.

My focus turns to those who are struggling…either to catch their breath or feed their children. Lord, show me more ways to effect my community…my state…my country…my world. Help me find in the midst of my comfort a thirn to remind me of other’s un-comfort.

Thank you Lord that today is better than yesterday…Thank you for your healing touch…


2 thoughts on “It’s getting better all the time…

  1. Glad you’re doing better today. You have so many wonderful things to enjoy in your yard! We had a hawk land in our yard today. Very cool!


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