Working man blues…

I got up this morning and opened my bedroom window. Gone was the heat and humidity. In its place was a cool breeze, the kind that blows the cobwebs from your brain and makes you feel light and fresh.

It’s the time of year where shorts, sandals and t-shirts give way to flannel shirts, boots and jeans.

It’s time to put up the grill and light up the bonfire. Potato salad and burgers are set aside and burgoo and s’mores prevail. Bring on the apple cider and cocoa…it’s Autumn!

Football games…walks in the woods…raking leaves and putting the garden to bed…I’m smiling just thinking about it.

The greens of summer will soon be reds and oranges and yellows, with a few purples thrown in. Soon the hummingbirds and monarchs will start their long trek south and the corn and soybeans will be harvested.

And that’s what I look forward to the most…harvest. Fall means harvest and the end of harvest means I get Jim back.

Jim has been working 60+ hours since June. And I miss him. I miss our long walks…I miss sitting outside in the evenings. I miss working with him in the yard. I miss being able to watch a movie without Jim falling asleep from sheer exhaustion.

I appreciate all he does and I know all he does, he does for us. So thank you. Thank you for the long hours and the hard work. Just a few more weeks, babe…I’m here waiting for you!


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3 thoughts on “Working man blues…

  1. Cool hat!! Reminds me of Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies!!

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  2. Loved this post, as usual. I love seeing God’s world thru your eyes. God’s simplest, little blessings are also his largest, most magnificent ones…. nature, precious moments during walks together. Simply BEING together. Thanks for reminding us to cherish these blessings.

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    1. Thank you for your words of affirmation… God’s blessings to you!


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