the sad flag…

This morning, as I lowered our flag, I thought how sad it looked and it inspired me to write the following. It is dedicated to all who lost their lives on 9-11 and the countless others, like my son Derek, who heard the call to defend our country through that tragedy. Thank you, one and all, for your sacrifice.

I remember the day, they brought me home
the family I would call my own.
The dad, so tall, carrying the boy
the daughter, looking like her mom.

They carefully attached me to the pole
then up towards the sky I flew
and there in the breeze, I straightened my spine
so proud of my red, white and blue.

Through the years, they’d come to me
the children growing tall
and take a picture to remember the day
with my colors streaming above all.

But then one day, they came and stood
with tears in their eyes
and lowered me down from my lofty height
from my place up near the sky.

They stood and prayed, their hands clasped tight
as tears fell from their eyes
So many had lost their lives that day
as the planes fell from the skies

Half way down that pole I hung
my happy manner now grave
a sad flag was I, my head bowed low
no breeze to make me wave

My beautiful stripes of red and white
that rippled in the breeze
now stood like towers, stiff and straight
like old forgotten trees.

My stars that shone so bright with honor
and glistened in the sun
felt dull as they sagged beneath the pole
lifeless, every one.

And then one day, the family was back
I could tell there was something new
for the little boy, now grown to a man
was wearing his Army blues

He gathered me in his arms and held
me close like a long-lost friend
And then slowly he raised me up
back to the welcoming wind

I stretched out long, my stripes now full
my stars gleaming and then
The sad little flag, that I once was
waved proudly once again.

-Sonia Keepes, 9-11-18


1 thought on “the sad flag…

  1. That’s beautiful!


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