happy anniversary, baby…

Today marks 10 years since I began blogging. I want to thank everyone for reading, especially those who have hung in with me during the long, dry spells.

When I look back over my blogs, I can see a lot of changes in my life. I’ve seen good times and bad, times of loss and times of peace. I’ve seen my boys grow up and start their own families. I’ve said goodbye to family, friends and some extra special friends…aka our pets.

Change…most people only look forward to one type of change. It’s the kind you get back when you pay at McDonald’s. Change can be exciting; a breath of fresh air. Change can be scary; the unknown. If you are the one making the change, it might be easier to accept. But when change is thrust upon you, it can send you reeling.

Thou changest not…thy compassions they fail not.

It’s my favorite hymn. It’s my mantra. It’s what I lean on…cling to . It’s what I praise and pray. Ten years has brought a lot of change. But God hasn’t changed. And the most amazing thing I see through it all, has been God’s hands at work…in me and through me.

As Jim and I move forward with our studies, we’re trying hard to spend more time in study and prayer, listening for God’s guidance. Please keep us in your prayers as my prayer continues to be, “Let me be less, that He might be more“.

As 2020 approaches, my hope for myself and for all of you is to take that spiritual knowledge and change it into spiritual action. Just as Indiana Jones did…take a leap from the lion’s head…and let God be your guide.

God bless!





6 thoughts on “happy anniversary, baby…

  1. “Great is thy faithfulness”. I always feel such peace when I get a chance to sing that hymn. It’s one of my “pray as I sing” hymns.
    I, for one, am glad you started blogging again. You always give me something to think about – and something to aspire to.
    Love you!!!


  2. Amen. Always blessed by your post.


  3. Love you Sonia, Sarah xx


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