and God showed up…

In the wake of the recent tornados and the destruction and loss that so many of our neighbors are dealing with, in the midst of the media and visits from “dignitaries”, I found a post from a lady named Karen that lives in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, very moving and very appropriate for our Advent season. There’s not one thing I could add…so here it is, in case you didn’t get to see it on Facebook.

Yesterday there were so many posts, including my own, about the President’s trip to Dawson Springs. Today, I saw someone even more notable. I saw Jesus. He was down by the Dairy Queen directing traffic. I also saw Him over at the church taking a bag of donations out of His truck. Then He helped a forklift get unstuck from a ditch next to the FEMA tent. Jesus sure was busy today. I went down Industrial Park and saw Him working hard clearing debris and again on Nortonville Road high up in a bucket restoring power to a weary town.

I took my auntie to the school to get her some food and believe it or not, Jesus was there too sorting the can goods. No sooner did I step out of the school and I saw Him again out back serving food from a pretty cool food truck. Down on Walnut Street, He was standing out in the rain trying to get people to stop and take water bottles. He is, after all, the Living Water. He had enough time to go over to Hosick Ave to turn on the gas for a cold neighborhood. Somehow He got to East Railroad and was putting a tarp on a damaged roof. I saw Jesus driving a backhoe over on Alexander. He even got down to Pennyrile Park. I’m certain of it because I saw Him tossing bags of clothes into the back of a big trailer to store until those affected by the tornado could find a place to live.

Jesus left his mark everywhere He went. If you drive around town, you can see His footprints usually in the form of cases of water on most street corners and at practically every church. Jesus likes to leave evidence of His presence.

It’s interesting to note Jesus didn’t come to town in a motorcade. No, He came in a tree cutting truck, a police car, a National Guard Hummer, and even an Amish buggy. He also got around pretty well on a skid steer, a four-wheeler, a backhoe, a dump truck, and a tractor. It wasn’t as fancy, but he got here. He wasn’t wearing a suit and tie. Instead, He wore work boots, reflective vests, hard hats, and aprons. He changed quite a bit though. I saw Him once in a FEMA uniform, another time wearing the garb of the Red Cross. He got around a lot today.

I noticed that the President’s motorcade flew by so fast I didn’t even get to see his face. But I saw the face of Jesus today. His feet walked the streets of Dawson Springs and touched the lives of so many people. He didn’t fly by; He stopped and stayed a while.

No one can convince me that Jesus isn’t alive and well. I know it because I saw Him for myself today in Dawson Springs, Kentucky.

Amen Karen…God bless you all.

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