Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

I love to get mail. With the invention of the internet, the art of writing letters and sending cards are becoming lost in the world of instant messaging and email. But, since I love to receive mail, I try to do my share of sending letters. I especially enjoy corresponding with my Aunt Polly, who lives in Arkansas and family in England. There is just something so special about getting a note that someone has taken the time to write.

I was excited when the mail came today and there was a card addressed to Jim and me. When I opened it and read it, my excitement turned to joy. It was a card that reminded us how special we are to God and that God will take care of all of our needs. That we are in many people’s prayers. The card was signed Your Brother & Sister in Christ.

There was also a gift in the card…a monetary gift. A gift given in love. It was such a surprise…how blessed we truly are!

Whoever they are, they touched us very deeply. The card was so uplifting. There was a verse on the card from I John 3:1 that says, “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us.”

Jim and I know what manner of love God has given us…the very hands of Christ. Those whose actions have spoken volumes to our hearts. Those whose words have lifted our very souls. All I can say is…thank you!

God, we give you praise for kind hearts that brought us your blessings today. Please bless them…may their lives be filled with your goodness. Amen.

Every blessing you pour out I’ll turn back to praise!

2 thoughts on “Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

  1. I tried to add to what you wrote, but there is no need….


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