He is…He was…He always will be…

I was watching an episode of Seventh Heaven today. It’s the one where Annie’s mother dies and after the funeral, Lucy tells her father that it’s like they were having a party and her grandmother wasn’t invited. That life was continuing without her and it didn’t seem fair.

Life. Fair. Two words that were never meant to be in the same sentence. Most of us have experienced the unfairness of life. The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, sickness, betrayal, abandonment…well, it’s too long of a list to put here.

Imagine that you are accused of a crime. People stand and point at you and say, “Yes, that is the person!” You are dragged to court, where the judge takes one look and says, “Guilty!” You are thrown into jail to await your sentence. When its finally delivered…Death. Sound fair?

Ok, so I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’m referring to Christ. He understood the word unfair. He who was so pure was thrust into the muck and mire that is our world. But the difference is, he volunteered. He signed up for the job. He who had the power to move mountains, became powerless in order to meet us where we are.

He knows. He understands. And he wants so much more…for you and me. When you are hurt, he wants to heal. When you are scared, he wants to comfort. When life, oh so unfair, come crashing around you, he wants to bring you peace. But…there is one catch. You have to allow him to work in your life. He won’t force himself on you.

Hebrews 13:5 says that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is…He was…He always will be. Make today the day that you remember that. That you claim that promise for your own. Don’t spend another day outside of the Father’s embrace. Be still and know that is God…

He is by Mark Schultz

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