An Ode to Snow…

Oh snow, the joy of my youth. The only reason I watched the early morning news between the ages of 5 and 15…(by the way EVSC is out today…YEAH!)

Oh snow, the thrills we shared. Me on my sled…you providing a cushion to catch me when I crashed. You always found a way to get through the extra layers of clothes my mother made me put on, just to play with you.

Oh snow, the hours we have spent together…me with my shovel…you, just lying there. The delight of every store in town that sells salt.

Oh snow, the delicious, unexpected treat my mom would make from you…snow ice cream! An early lesson I learned: yellow snow does not make lemon ice cream. Just sayin’.

Oh snow, the snow angels we would create…the forts we would build from you…the wars we would wage against unsuspecting foes. Note to self: most adults are NOT amused when they are surprised by a snowball in the face.

Oh snow, the beauty you provide in the dullness of winter. A blanket for the earth…a canvas on which you create a masterpiece.

Oh snow, the delight of every child and dog…you’d never convince eight cats to pull you on a sled through the snow…

Oh snow, it’s easy to admire you from the comfort of my home…but for those who must travel today…be kind.

I never eat December snowflakes…I always wait until January. ~~ Lucy Van Pelt

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